10 Best Places In Coorg To Visit On Your Next Planned Trip

Kodagu district, popularly known as Coorg is an awesome destination for travel lovers for sure. Coorg is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. Madikeri serves as the most important town of this beautiful destination. There are many reasons to plan a trip to the best places in Coorg, from its famous coffee plantations to waterfalls and breathtaking natural scenes.

10 Best Places In Coorg To Visit:

01. Mandalpatti

It is nearly 18 km from Madikeri town; Mandalpatti should be on your list of places to visit when in Coorg for its lurid ripples, hazy surroundings, mesmerizing views, and thrilling jeep rides. There is an off-road trail from Mandalpatti entrance by which you can reach the v point by hiring a jeep or personal vehicle. 

You can also trek from the entrance to the v point for a great adventure. The trekking will surely feel worthwhile after reaching the top. Let me know later, how it felt.

Timings- 6 am to 6 pm

02. Abbey Falls

It is located almost 7 Kilometers from away Madikeri town. Abbey Falls, is a top destination in Coorg, because of its easy access from the town. An eye-catching sight of waterfalls can make you feel awesome. Abbey Fall is a great place to visit Coorg during the monsoon to witness the amazing view of the waterfalls.

Timings- 9 am to 6 pm

03. Raja’s Seat

Raja’s seat is located in Madikeri town and it is one of the most visited places in Coorg for its wonderful beauty and fascinating nature. In the past, kings of Coorg would visit Raja’s Seat to enjoy the amazing views of the valleys around them and for relaxation. This is the best place for tourists to visit in Coorg who want to witness the sunrise and sunset views.

Timings- 6 am to 8 pm

04. Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort is located just 1 kilometer from Raja’s seat. Madikeri Fort was built during the 17th century, and inside the fort, you will find a museum, an old church, a palace, and a temple. You should spend some time there if you want to learn more about Kodagu’s history.

05. Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwara temple is one of the most famous Shiva temples in Madikeri, this temple has both Islamic and Gothic styles of architecture and lies a short distance from town. There is a splendid pool in front of the temple.

It resembles the Islamic dargah in the way it features a huge dome in the middle, surrounded by four minarets. A beautiful pushkarani adds a pleasant look to this temple. Omkareshwara Temple is a must-visit place to visit if you are in Coorg and have a religious mind.

Timings- Morning- 6.30 am- 12 pm

Evening- 5 pm – 8 pm

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06.Talakaveri & Bhagamandala

There is a beautiful temple in Bhagamandala that is built in Kerala architectural style. You can also see Triveni Sangam, where the three rivers Kaveri, Kannike, and Sujyothi merged. You can see the birthplace of the Kaveri river ‘Talakaveri’ just 8 kilometers away from Bhagamandala.

Kaveri River originates from the Brahmagiri hills of the western ghats. It supplies drinking water to Karnataka and Tamilnadu, and, in October, a festival is held to celebrate its origin. You can also witness the eye-catching views of the surrounding valley from the Brahmagiri Hills.

07. Dubare Elephant Camp

It is located on the banks of the Kaveri River and is among the best places to visit in Coorg. The camp is popular with tourists, especially wildlife lovers since it allows tourists to interact with elephants and engage in various activities.

Activities: Bath in the river Kaveri. You can also bathe baby elephants and feed them too. Elephant joy ride in the jungle is a great activity people prefer to enjoy here. Visit the place if you want to do the same.

08. Chiklihole Reservoir

It is an offbeat place to visit in Coorg as it is not as well known as other tourist attractions, but it is worth visiting on your trip between Madikeri and Kushalnagar. Its best feature is the horseshoe-shaped overflow from the dam, resulting in an amazing visual display. However, this view can only be seen at the time of monsoon.

Timings- 8 am – 5 pm

09. Kotebetta Peak– One Of The Best Places In Coorg

Coorg’s Kotebetta Peak is one of the most popular places to visit in Coorg. At nearly 1620 meters above sea level, it is the third-highest peak in the region. It is named from the word kote, meaning fort hill, due to its similar appearance to a fort. The hill is only 32 km from Madikeri. Don’t forget to visit this place if you have a deep love inside for hills like me.

10. Kaveri Nisargadhama Island

Just 3 km from Kushalnagar, Kaveri Nisargadhama is a natural island formed by the Kaveri River. It is known for its hanging bridge, bamboo trees, and deer park. 

Additionally, you can visit an exotic bird aviary that just opened. A number of gift shops, eateries, and other exotic activities can make your visit to this place worthwhile.

An Offbeat Place Of Coorg- Harangi Dam

Those who are looking for an offbeat place to visit and chill in Coorg can check out Harangi Dam. It is a beautiful dam built across the Kaveri River. There is a garden and a fountain of music at the site, and if you visit during the monsoon season, you will also be able to watch the spectacular weave of water flowing from all the gates. So, don’t stop yourself if your mind needs relaxation and wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowds for some time.

There are some other offbeat destinations in Coorg such as Thadiyandamol Hills, Chelevara Falls, Honnamana Kere Lake, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Brahmagiri Hills, Iruppu Falls, Mallalli Falls, etc. 

It doesn’t mean that these mentioned places are less known or nobody visits, these are also popular like other popular tourist destinations among travelers who love to explore all the corners of a location and capture the moment.

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Best Time To Visit Coorg: There is no bad time to visit Coorg. The temperature here is a great thing to travel nicely. In the months of October to April, you will get to enjoy the beauty of the place & March to April is the most recommended time to travel and explore Coorg. However, in June and September, heavy rains are common over there, so it is better to avoid this period. Happy Travelling.

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