14 Alleged Haunted Places In Bangladesh You May Want To Restrict Visiting

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Is it midnight now? You have a wish to get thrilled! Don’t worry I have researched about 14 spooky Haunted Places In Bangladesh for you. Let’s walk together into the dark roads of the country and imagine ourselves in a terrific situation.

14 Haunted Places In Bangladesh:

Dhaka Golf Heights

Dhaka Golf Heights located near Banani, Dhaka is said to be haunted. A ghost of a crying baby is haunting this place as reported by some people. Also, they reported that they felt sometimes they were being watched by some paranormal bodies.

Apartment In Old DOHS

This apartment is located in Banani, Dhaka. There are rumors that Lanes 4 and 5 were built on top of graves, making it associated with Satanism.

Lalbagh Fort

The fortress of Pori Bibi, which was haunted by a horseman and ghosts, is considered to be one of Bangladesh’s most haunted places. There is also a secret tunnel inside the Lalbagh Fort that is known for its eerie occurrences, and according to a myth, anyone who enters the tunnel, there is a possibility that the person might not be found alive. This place is considered one of the best-haunted places in Bangladesh.

Purbo Nayatola Rail Crossing

Purbo Nayatola Rail Crossing located near Dhaka City is a haunted location in Bangladesh. It is reported that a woman roams around the rail track at night and searches for someone desperately. There is a rumor that the woman lost her infant near the location and she died of suicide case. She is still searching for her lost baby.

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Dhaka Airport Road

Dhaka Airport Road is believed to be a haunted place in Bangladesh. A lady is believed to haunt the road between Nikunjo and Biman office at night, causing accidents according to believers.

Shahidullah Hall Pond

Shahidullah Hall Pond is situated near the capital city of Bangladesh. This pond is rumored to be haunted by believers. This is an old pond located at the Dhaka University campus. There are reports of death by drowning in this haunted pond.

Baridhara Diplomatic Zone Road 13

Baridhara Diplomatic Zone Road 13 is in Dhaka and is a less-known haunted location in Bangladesh. The site is reported by believers to be haunted by a crying baby, as well as the feeling of being watched.

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Black Shadows In Comilla

The nighttime haunting of a huge farmhouse in Comilla is reported to be plagued by black shadows assaulting people. It is one of the most haunted places located in Comilla.

Foy’s Lake

Foy’s Lake is situated near Chittagong City. A beautiful lake but is said to be haunted by the reports of a number of people. So, next time be careful when you visit the lake.

Kuakata Beach

In the southern part of Bangladesh, there is a stunningly beautiful beach called Kuakata Beach. It is called the Daughter of Ocean Beach but has tragic horror stories as a result of which it is considered a haunted beach in Bangladesh.

An Apartment In Dhanmondi 27

Dhanmondi is a prime location in the capital of Bangladesh. It has been ten years since the third floor of a house in Dhanmondi 27 became haunted by a woman who committed suicide there.

The floor is still vacant and people are afraid of staying on the same floor due to its paranormal existence.

Parki Beach

It is about 120 km long and very beautiful. However, it has experienced several horror incidents that have given it the reputation of being haunted.

Mirpur Indoor Stadium

Although this place has a great deal of popularity, most people are unaware of its haunting stories. In the past, when this stadium wasn’t built, there was an eerie pond, where one or two people died every year. However, after the indoor stadium was built, no similar things happened, but people believe spirits still live there and few consider this as one of the most haunted places in Bangladesh.

Old Dhaka

A number of small areas in old Dhaka are allegedly haunted. Some rumors say that Jinns go to some sweet shops and buy sweets, but only the owner of these shops can understand it, people think sweets are a favorite of Jinns. Additionally, some houses are said to have paranormal characteristics.

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