5 Best Places To Visit In Shimla In December

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Shimla has a magical vibe itself. The same can be felt once you visit the city. If you are planning your trip in December, then a lot of snow is waiting for you to play and enjoy.

Let’s check out the 5 Best Places To Visit In Shimla In December.

01. Mashobra

During the winter season, Mashobra receives snowfall in January or sometimes late December. Skiing is the most popular activity people do here in December. The peaceful environment of Mashobra makes this place an ideal destination for people seeking tranquility.

02. Kufri

Kufri is a nearby attraction from Shimla, it is among the top sightseeing attractions in Shimla. The enchanting beauty of Kufri is amplified in December. It is also one of the best places and most popular destinations to visit in Shimla in December.

03. The Ridge- Christ Church

The Ridge is a great place to explore in Shimla if you visit in December. This open space is a popular hangout spot nearby Mall Road, Shimla and it is among the top places to see in December. The entire place is covered in snow, so it can be an unforgettable experience to have a view of the snow-covered city from the top of The Ridge.

The church is another beautiful attraction located in ‘The Ridge’. A popular Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’ was also shot in ‘The Ridge’ location.

04. Jakhu Hill Temple

Jakhu temple is easy to reach from ‘The Ridge’. Take a route to Jakhu Hill by walking to witness Lord Hanuman at Jakhu temple. The breathtaking views from the top of the hill can take your mood to a different level of exciting vibe. If you don’t have the mood to take a route by hiking, you can choose to go there by elevator service. This can be an ideal place to visit in Shimla in December.

05. Summer Hill

Summer Hill is one of the most popular and Best Places To Visit In Shimla In December. Pleasant nature and spectacular views make this place a great spot to visit. Photography and sightseeing are the most common things people do here. Summer Hill is a nearby destination from Shimla.

There are a lot of best places to visit in Shimla during the winter season, these five places are the common destination people love to visit. But it should be noted that people who can’t tolerate extreme cold and minus temperatures, will feel trapped after reaching Shimla in December. 

The spine-chilling temperature of Shimla will make the excitement a total mess in a few minutes. Not to worry, if you love snow, then you have to struggle a little bit to get adjusted to the minus environment. After all, it will feel worthwhile after you reach home. You will smile remembering those moments. So, plan your trip and pack your bag to witness the mesmerizing view of Shimla snow in December.

During my visit to Shimla, I wasn’t able to visit so many places due to the shortage of time or planning time. I had to leave for Manali, as I had some other plans and bookings in Manali. For more information, you can visit TravelTriangle.

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