How To Fly With A Baby? 5 Travel Tips For Flying With A Baby

Traveling with a baby in flight is a complicated task. Especially. If your baby is under 6 months old, then it can be a mess and hectic. Let’s figure out some tips on How To Fly With A Baby.

How To Fly With A Baby? (Under 6 months old)

Babies are cute, loveable, and adorable. If you don’t give special attention to them then they can easily become irritable. There is so much detail we need to follow before the first flight of our baby. Here are some of the best 5 travel tips for flying with a baby:

#1 Be Mentally Prepared To Fly With A Baby

You need to be mentally prepared to fly with your baby. Don’t think that you are the only one who has a baby to board an airplane. Stop thinking about the circumstances that may or may not happen.

Airplane travel with your little one is normal. This is not something that you should not do. Some babies are not bothered about any mode of transportation. They feel somehow manageable. As a parent, you must feel mentally free and comfortable before flying with a baby.

Some babies may irritate you during the journey. They may feel uncomfortable due to their unknown surroundings. So, you need to be prepared for the situations that need to pass calmly.

#2 Packing Of Essential Items 

Give extra attention during the packing of the baby’s important items such as diapers, wipes, clothes, milk, and water if your baby is drinking formula before traveling with a baby. Basic medicines need to be packed up for sure. It is important to take the extra formula and boiled water while flying with a baby as the flight may be delayed for a couple of hours.

#3 Offer Breast Milk Or Formula Milk To Your Baby During Take-Off & Landing

It is normal for your baby to feel discomfort during the plane’s takeoff and landing as the air pressure changes, and you should offer him or her breast milk or bottle to swallow and suckle to lessen this discomfort.

If your baby falls asleep during the flight, then you may feel relaxed. Some babies prefer sleeping if they are on an unknown journey but some prefer to observe the surroundings of the unknown. 

So, if your baby is crying during the flight, then the best thing you can do is to nurse him or her by offering breast milk or formula milk. You can also try to give your baby a pacifier if he or she is comfortable with the same. If you have a bottle-feeding baby, an empty bottle nipple may also do the work to ease discomfort during flying with a baby.

#4 Try To Pre-Book Front Row Extra Large Seat Before Flying With A Baby

You can pre-book the front row of extra-large seats to have a comfortable journey with your baby. As you know, babies feel most comfortable in ample space where they can move easily. Booking an extra large seat on the flight can be a lifesaver for parents who wish to fly with a baby.

#5 Bring Some New Toys

Babies are fond of toys. But they can easily get bored with the same toy after a while. During packing, you should pick up some new exciting toys for your baby inside your hand luggage.

You can introduce the toys to your baby one by one to continue the excitement during the whole journey.

Flying with a baby is not that tough. You just need to observe some basic things to make it fun for both.

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Can You Fly With A 2-Months Old Baby?

Yes. It is absolutely safe to fly with a 2-month-old baby. At this stage, the immunity of the baby is mostly developed for flying. There is nothing to worry about.

When Is It Safe To Travel With A Baby?

It is possible to fly with a baby once the baby’s immunity has developed. Flying during the first month is not recommended, the baby’s immunity is not fully developed until after the first month. There is a possibility that the baby may become infected this time around.

The Bottom Line

I am sharing information about flying with a baby, based on my own experiences. As I have recently shifted to a new city with my 2 months old baby.

I thought it would be an inflexible journey flying with a 2-month-old baby. But it was a smooth trip like earlier I had traveled alone.

Don’t be afraid, don’t feel nervous, just be confident & travel with your little one. 

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