Savandurga Hills Trek Near Bangalore: Is It Worth Visiting?

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Savandurga Hills Treak, Bangalore, Karnataka

If you are in Bangalore & looking at some random places to spend your weekend by doing adventurous activities like trekking or hiking, don’t worry! Savandurga Hills Trek could be an ideal choice to make your visit worthwhile.

Is Savandurga Hills Trek Worth Visiting?

Savandurga Hill is almost 60 km away from the capital city of Karnataka which makes this spot a perfect holiday destination for adventure lovers around Bangalore city. Manchanabele Dam, another tourist attraction near Bangalore is just 12 km away from Savandurga Hill. Sholay Hills or Sholay Shooting Hilltop is 27 km away from this tourist spot.

Let’s look at the history of Asia’s largest monolith hill!

Yes! you heard it right. Your destination is also known as ‘Asia’s Largest Monolith Hill.’ It is said that the Savandurga was formed by the two hills known as ‘Karigudda’ & ‘Biligudda‘. Earlier it was called ‘Savandi’ but there is a lot of confusion regarding the naming of this hill.

This place was the 2nd capital in Magadi of ruler Kempegowda & later it was captured by the British Army. There is a temple of Lord Narasimha at the top of Savandurga Hills which creates a relaxing spiritual vibe after you reach the top of the hill. It is fully worth visiting the place.

How To Reach Savandurga Hills Trek? My Trek Story!

The best option to reach the spot is to take your vehicle. If you love bike riding, you can take your two-wheeler. It’s an easy ride from the main city.

I started my journey from Rajajinagar of Bangalore at around 7.30 am which took me 1 hour 50 minutes to cover the 50 km ride (30 km straight to Magadi Main Road) including breaks and mismatched Google Maps directions.

We started our trekking lately around 10.20 am and fortunately, it was the month of December, so there were no heat-related issues we faced throughout our trekking journey to reach the top of the Savandurga Hills.

Savandurga Hills Trek Crossing

I had no prior experience of hiking or trekking hills, so I was quite nervous at the first moment when I started climbing the hill as it was my first adventure trekking in my life. But after a moment, I realized that it was an easy trek & I enjoyed reaching the top.

How Long Is Savandurga Hills Trek?

The trek is divided into three parts:

Part I- Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple>>> Rocky Section

Distance- 260 m ( It will take around 12-18 minutes)

Part II- Rocky Section>>> Fort Wall I

Distance- 370 m ( It will take 15-20 minutes)

Part III- Fort Wall I>>> Nandi Temple

Distance- 1.37 km ( It will take 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours approximately)

Savandurga Hills Distance From Bangalore:

The official distance from Bangalore to Savandurga Hills is 60 km but it can vary depending on where you reside. If you start from the Rajajinagar area then it would be around 48-50 km away.

Is Savandurga Hills Trek Difficult Or Safe?

Not difficult but not that easy for newbies. So, basically, Savandurga Hills Trek comes under the easy-to-moderate type of trekking category. It is a safe place to enjoy your holiday but avoid coming here during monsoon seasons and summer.

Is Savandurga Hills Trek Free?

Yes, it is a free place to trek. But check with their website if it needs any permission or booking to start the trekking. The time of the trekking is from 5.30 am to 6 pm. So, plan according to these timelines.

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit here is recommended always during the winter season from October to March. You should not plan here during monsoon, because the slopes become too much slippery during rainy days and it may become unsafe for you to trek to reach the top of the hill.

Ashiq N, signing off for now! Happy Travelling! Sayonara!

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