10 Best Restaurants In Agartala For Eminent Dining Experience

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If you are searching for the best restaurants in Agartala to dine in then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of restaurants present around Agartala city, which can make your dining plan more awesome in so many ways.

10 Best Restaurants In Agartala For Your Best Dine-In Experience:

The Fat Chicken

The Fat Chicken Restaurant is located near Mantribari Road, RMS chowmuhani. It can be a good choice to taste some unique cuisine. The ambiance of the restaurant is a nice thing for taking some great pictures with your groups and family.

Restaurant Timing- 1 – 10 PM

📍 Location

BONSAI- A Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Bonsai Restaurant is located just opposite to Tripura Darpan Building, Colonel Chowmuhani. It is a nice restaurant situated right in the heart of the city. The food here is just amazing, especially you have the popular choice of momos and mocktail menu. 

The service is good and the restaurant is nicely decorated. You’d be better off going with a group for the best experience.

Restaurant Timing- 12- 10.30 PM


Taj- An Exclusive Veg Restaurant

If you are a pure vegetarian, you must be wondering about Agartala City to get the Best Veg Restaurant. Then Taj Restaurant located on Shakuntala Road, Indiranagar is your destination. This is one of the Best Veg restaurants in Agartala.

Restaurant Timings- 10- 9.30 PM


Khunti Kadai– One Of The Best Restaurants In Agartala

There are no better places to experience fish in its various regional flavors than Khunti Kadhai Restaurant. You can order fish delicacies at extremely reasonable prices, so you’ll want to order more than you can eat. Fish lovers will love the portion sizes and variety of fish available at this restaurant.

Khunti Kadai Is located on Hari Ganga Basak Road, Melarmath.

Restaurant Timings- 12- 10.30 PM


Eatopia Zannat

This restaurant is on the 2nd floor of the City Centre, Agartala. Eatopia Zannar is a decent restaurant for both non-vegetarians & vegetarians. This restaurant is also popular for celebrating birthdays. Eatopia Zannat Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Agartala.

Restaurant Timings- 12.30- 10.30 PM


Kurry Klub

Kurry Klub Restaurant is situated at the Hotel Welcome Palace, Agartala. A great place for organizing parties during festive seasons or anytime around. It is quite a popular restaurant among the locals of Agartala city. You should definitely plan for the Kurry Klub Restaurant once.

Restaurant Timings- 9- 11 PM


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The Serial Griller

If you love to have Grilled, BBQ chicken and all, then The Serial Griller should be on your list. A tasty grilled chicken dish is on offer here, and the service is somehow manageable despite its popularity. Prices here are found attractive and the ambiance is just right. Serial Griller is one of the best restaurants in Agartala and the most widely chosen restaurant among BBQ lovers in Agartala.

Restaurant Timings- 12- 10 PM


Heritage Restaurant

During our visit, we enjoyed delicious starters and a nice atmosphere inside the restaurant. There is a wide selection of mouthwatering starters and main courses on the menu, and the staff is extremely friendly. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate your birthday or for an outing, you should definitely check this out.

Restaurant Timings- 11- 10 PM


HML Rooftop Restaurant

This is one of the best-looking restaurants in Agartala. If you visit the restaurant in the evening, you can witness the charm of this well-located dining destination. This restaurant is situated near the Bardowali-Battala Flyover. HML Rooftop Restaurant is also quite popular among couples.

Restaurant Timings- 12.30- 9.30 PM


HighTree Restaurant

HighTree Restaurant is situated inside the City Centre, Agartala. It is on the top floor just beside the Balaka movie theatre. The ambiance of this restaurant is a class and currently considered one of the best restaurants in Agartala.

If you want some good food and a mesmerizing view then HighTree restaurant in Agartala is a must-visit place to go. The menu is great, and the place is nice. It is possible to plan your special day with a movie plan followed by a delicious meal at this restaurant. You will find an array of exotic dishes to enjoy.

Restaurant Timings- 11- 10.30 PM


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