Blue Lagoon, Meghalaya- Deep Inside The Mystery Of Blue Water!

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Blue Lagoon, Meghalaya

Blue Lagoon in Meghalaya is an amazing waterfall spot near Double Decker Living Root Bridge to enjoy swimming after a short trek. So, basically, if you love trekking, hiking & swimming too, then this place will amaze you for sure!

This place is also called as ‘Natural Swimming Pool Of Meghalaya’ by the locals. If you are planning to visit the famous Double Decker Root Bridge, then this beautiful waterfall location should be on your visit list.

Blue Lagoon, Meghalaya: Mystery Behind The Blue Water!

Silica is a mineral compound made up of silicon and oxygen, also known as SiO2. When suspended in water, this bioactive mineral reflects only blue wavelengths of light, absorbing the rest of the colors, which is why it is blue in color. So, ideally, the mystery behind the blue color of Blue Lagoon in Meghalaya is the presence of Silica.

Activities To Do:

Swimming: The most favorite part of this spot is of course swimming! You can take swimming jackets for rent there and enjoy your time deep inside the blue water.

Hiking: You can go for a short hike or trek near this place. Tyrna Village & Double Decker Root Bridge is the favorite and ideal place for trekkers to explore the real rural beauty of the hill station.

Start your journey from the Double Decker Root Bridge early to reach the Blue Lagoon. It will hardly take 45-55 minutes to reach the destination.

Photography: This could be your ideal spot if you are a photography lover or just love to capture some random photos of mesmerizing places around you. The blue shades of the water body give the most attractive justification to the lenses.

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How To Reach Blue Lagoon, Meghalaya Via Double Decker Living Root Bridge?

Once you arrive at Tyrna or Nongriat village, you will be required to take a short trek up to the Double Decker Living Root Bridge, which is approximately 1.5 kilometers away.

Once you reach the Double Decker Living Root Bridge, you can rest and eat if you wish, then start trekking again to reach Blue Water Lagoon.

This time, you have to go uphill, since you have to follow downward slopes during your trip from Tyrna to Double Decker, but during monsoon, going up to Blue Waterfalls Lagoon by Double Decker Living Root Bridge can be very dangerous. You have to walk across a river at one point because there are no clear roads.

Furthermore, you have to navigate wooden staircases that are in very poor condition and can be dangerous in the rainy season.

Another part of the road is narrow and passes through a dense forest of north-eastern hills. But the best part is when you have finally reached the Blue Lagoon, Meghalaya.

I will recommend this trek for faint-hearted or beginner trekkers, you might get stuck middle of the route if not medically or physically fit to do such type of trekking.

The trekking will take approximately 45-55 minutes(average) for moderate trekkers. You will be truly mesmerized by witnessing the natural beauty of this place.

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Things To Carry:

Having a strong stick can make it easier to walk when climbing up and down a few steps, and there will always be an appropriate food stall and water available, so no need to worry about eatables.

But do keep your backpack light for your safety, as the heavy load can make you feel tired after a little trekking. But the scenic view will make up for your tiredness.

It rains very frequently in Meghalaya, so bring a raincoat with you. The scenic view will make up for your tiredness. Also, don’t forget to bring your professional DSLR camera, if you have that one! You will find a lot of amazing locations for photography.

How To Reach Nongriat/Tyrna By Flight, Train & Road?

By Flight: Shillong Airport (SHL) is the nearest airport to reach Nongriat or Tyrna village by air. Shillong Airport is nearly 90 km away from the Nongriat/Tyrna village.

Due to the lower number of fights connected to the Shillong Airport, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport(GAU) in Guwahati is the second nearby airport which is approximately 178 km away one can opt to reach the destination.

By Train: Karimganj Railway Station & Guwahati Railway Station, are the two nearest options to reach the Nongriat/Tyrna village by train.

It is recommended to reach Guwahati Railway Station if you are planning to visit Blue Lagoon, Meghalaya by train. Guwahati Railway Station is approximately 156 km away from Nongriat/Tyrna village. If you are looking for Karimganj Railway Station, then you need to be concerned about the limited train schedules.

By Road: To reach Nongriat/Tyrna village by road, you have to reach Guwahati Bus Stand which is nearly 157 km away from the village. Guwahati Bus Stand has a large number of connections to other states to reach Guwahati.

Best Time To Visit

Although, You can visit this beautiful place any time of the year whenever you want. However, it is always advisable to avoid visiting this tourist spot during peak monsoon and rainy days due to the trekking difficulties and slippery routes.

September to May is the best time to visit this breathtaking Blue Water Lagoon. So, What Are You Waiting For? Plan your trip now & enjoy your day!

Ashiq N, Signing Off, Happy Travelling!

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