10 Rivers That Flows In Tripura

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There are many rivers in Tripura. Some places in Tripura are named after these rivers. There are several myths and folktales associated with these rivers. A few of them are the Gomati, Khowai, Manu, Haora, and Muhuri. Gomati is the biggest river in Tripura and is considered to be sacred by the people as Ganga.

List Of 10 Major Rivers Of Tripura:

01 Gomati River

The river originates in the Longtharai and Atharamura ranges and flows through Amarpur and Sonamura to Bangladesh. It is the most significant & largest river in Tripura. Gomati is a 133 km-long river.

02 Longai River

Jampui Hills form the source of the river and it flows through the Karimganj district of Assam before proceeding to Bangladesh.

03 Manu River

As the longest Tripura river by length, the Manu originates from the Sakhan range and flows into Bangladesh via Kailasahar. It is a 167 km long river.

04 Deo River

Before meeting the Manu River, the Deo River flows northward through Kanchanpur valley from Jampui Hills.

05 Dhalai River

From the Longtharai range, the river flows northward to meet the Manu River near Rajnagar and Maulvi Bazaar, Bangladesh. Ambassa, Baralutma, and Kamalpur are three famous towns along the Dhalai river bank.

06 Khowai River

From the eastern portion of Tripura’s Atharamura Hills, the Khowai River flows northwest and leaves India at Khowai, before entering Bangladesh at Kishoreganj, where it joins the Kushiyara River, and this river later joins the Meghna River.

07 Haora River

Originally from the Boromura hills of central Tripura, the river flows westward through Champaknagar, Jirania, Khumulwng, Khayerpur, and the capital, Agartala, before entering Bangladesh. It is known locally as Saidra River by tribal people who speak Kokborok.

08 Muhuri River

Muhuri runs 64 km from the Lushai Hills of Tripura to Bangladesh where it flows west and merges with the Feni River before emptying into the Bay of Bengal.

09 Juri River

Jampui Hills is the source of the Juri River, which flows northward through the Dharmanagar valley before meeting the Kushiyara River in Bangladesh.

10 Feni River

The Muhuri River, which also goes by the name “Little Feni”, originates in the South Tripura district and flows through Sabroom town before reaching Bangladesh.

Aside from these rivers, Tripura also has several small streams, lakes, and ponds.

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