40 Top Tourist Places In Tripura You Should Never Ever Miss!

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Top tourist places in Tripura

Tripura is the third smallest state in India situated in the Northeast part of the country. It is Internationally bordered by Bangladesh to the south, north, and west. This beautiful state has a unique combination of different cultures of tribal communities and Bengali peoples.

Apart from that, Tripura is a great destination to witness heritage sites, mesmerizing views, hill locations, cultures, activities, and so many other things. The capital Agartala is the largest city in Tripura. Let’s explore the top tourist places in Tripura.

01 Tripura State Museum- Ujjayanta Palace

Ujjayanta Palace was built by King Radha Kishore Manikya and this was the royal palace of the ‘Kingdom Of Tripura’. It is also called ‘Nuyungma’ by the Tripuri people of Tripura. Ujjayanta Palace is situated at the heart of Agartala city and is one of the most popular tourist places in Tripura.

The palace is turned into a government museum, known as ‘Tripura State Museum’. Located in Agartala, the capital city of Tripura, the Ujjayanta Palace has been home to the state museum since 2013. This museum has a large collection of historical items and other rare and iconic things. You are not allowed to capture any images inside the museum premises. 

Ujjayanta palace has a lake, known as ‘Rajbari Lake’, and a beautiful garden too. Also, you can visit the Jagannath Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Uma-Maheshwari, and Durga Temple which is adjacent to the palace.

Recently, the Tripura State Museum has revised timings and entry fees.

New Entry Ticket Price Tripura State Museum: Rs.40/- (Indian) & Rs.250/- (Foreigners)

New Opening Time Ujjayanta Palace: 10.15 am-5.15 pm (Closed On Every Monday and Govt. Holidays)

Entry Fees With Video Camera- Rs. 1500/-

Entry Fees With Still Camera- Rs. 600/-

Location: Indiranagar, Laxmi Narayan Bari Road, Agartala.

11 km away from Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport

Pro Tips: You should not visit the museum during the daytime in summer because it’s very hot inside. Only some rooms have air conditioning. You should plan to visit in the evening.

02 Science City- Agartala

Science City Agartala
Science City- Agartala

Science City is a new addition attraction to the tourist places in Tripura. This place has been designed beautifully by the department to help science enthusiasts develop an affection for science and a desire to create something better in the near future. 

Astronomy Zone, Mirror Maze, Fun Science, History Of Science Development, Physics, Environmental Gallery, 3-D Theatre, and many more attractions are available in the Science City, Agartala.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs.30/- (Different Price For Other Activities)

Opening Time: 11 am – 5 pm ( Closed On Every Monday)

Location: Badharghat, Agartala

13 km away from Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport

03 Neermahal- The Water Palace Of Tripura

Neermahal, also known as Rudrasagar Lake is a historical palace constructed in 1930 by King Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur. Neermahal is also called Twijilikma Nuyung. Neermahal is the largest ‘Water Palace’ in the country.

The architecture of the building, surrounded by the large water body and breathtaking views makes this place one of the best tourist places in Tripura. The palace has a total of 24 rooms divided into two parts. A water festival is organized every year in the month of August for 3 days along with cultural events. Boat racing and swimming competitions are among the main attractions of the water festival in Rudrasagar Lake.

Maharajas used to visit the palace by hand-powered boat from the Rajghat via the two stairways inside Neer-Mahal. The palace is home to one of the finest terrace gardens in India.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 10/- For Each Person and Rs.50/- (Boat Fare) To Reach The Palace.

Opening Time: 9 am – 6 pm

Location: Melaghar, Rudijala, Tripura.

Where To Stay Near Neermahal?

Sagar Mahal Tourist Lodge, Melaghar, Phone Number- 0381- 2524418

Neermahal is 53 km away from Agartala City. Neermahal Water Palace is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in Tripura.

04 Bhubaneswari Temple- Udaipur

Bhubaneswari Temple
Bhubaneswari Temple

Bhubaneswari Temple is a historical place to visit in Udaipur, Tripura. If you are interested in historical things, then this place can be your perfect spot to visit. Bhubaneswari Temple was built during 1660-1676 by King Govinda Manikya. Rabindranath Tagore mentioned this temple in his famous plays like ‘Rajarshi’ & ‘Bisharjan’. This temple is a must-visit place in Tripura for its rich historical importance. Bhubaneswari Temple is an archaeological site watched and maintained by the Archaeological Survey Of India(ASI). It is situated on the banks of the Gomati River which makes this place a tranquil location in the city.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs.10/-

Opening Time: 6 am – 6 pm

Location: Udaipur, Tripura

Bhubaneswari Temple is 55 km from Agartala City and around 2 km from Udaipur City.

Pro Tips: You may not find desired washrooms in this place. Food options are also not available, so don’t forget to take your food with you.

05 Tripura Sundari Temple- Matabari

Tripura Sundari Temple- Matabari
Tripura Sundari Temple- Matabari

Tripura Sundari Temple, also known as Tripureshwari Matabari Temple is a famous religious location of the goddess Tripura Sundari. It is said to be among one of the most sacred places in India and the most visited temple in North East India after the Kamakhya Temple located in Assam.

There is a large water body on the eastern side of the Tripura Sundari Temple, named ‘Kalyan Sagar’. The lake has a lot of rare Bostami Turtles and thus the Tripureshwari Temple is also called ‘Koorma(tortoise) Pith’. This place is also popular for celebrating the Diwali festival every year when thousands of people visit across the state. Tripura Sundari Temple In Matabari, Udaipur is one of the holiest tourist places in Tripura.

Entry Ticket Price: Free

Opening Time: 24 Hours

Location: Matabari, Udaipur

Where To Stay Near Tripura Sundari Temple, Matabari: Gunabati Yatri Niwas, Matabari, Hotel Royal Inn, Udaipur, Gouri Hotel, Udaipur Town.

Tripura Sundari Temple is located 57 km from Agartala City and 5 km from Udaipur City.

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06 Unakoti Rock Carvings- Kailashahar

Unakoti is known for its rock carvings carved on Raghunandan Hills. It is believed that before going to Kashi the lord Shiva spent a night in this place. There were 99, 99,9999 followers of him about to reach Kashi the next morning with the lord Shiva, but none of them awoke that morning, and hence lord Shiva left for Kashi alone and cursed them to turn into stones. This mythology explains how the Unakoti name appears in history.

One should not miss this place and definitely include it on the priority list of tourist places in Tripura.

Dharmanagar railway station on the Lumding–Sabroom line is 20 km away, and it takes about 30 minutes to reach from here to Unakoti by car or other vehicles. It has become much easier to travel from the capital city of Agartala these days due to the flexible train timings from Agartala Railway Station To Dharmanagar Railway Station.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: 8 am – 5 pm

Location: Kailashahar, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Unakoti: Unakoti Tourist Lodge in Kailashahar, Uttarmegh Tourist Lodge in Dharmanagar, Juri Tourist Lodge.

07 Pilak


Pilak is a historical landmark in Tripura. This tourist place in Tripura is recommended specifically for people interested in archaeological sites and ancient histories. It is an archaeological site located in South Tripura, maintained by the Archaeological Survey Of India. This place has the touch of the oldest historical existence of the 8th and 9th centuries.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs.10/-

Opening Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Location: Jolaibari, South Tripura

Where To Stay Near Pilak: Pilak Tourist Lodge, Jolaibari.

08 Buddhist Stupa- Boxonagar

Boxonagar- Budhhist Stupa
Boxonagar- Buddhist Stupa

Earlier, it was believed by the locals that this ruined building was related to an old temple of the ‘Goddess Of Snake’ ‘Manasa’. But later Archaeological Survey Of India confirmed that it was a temple of ‘Budhha’ after they found an idol of ‘Lord Budhha’. It is located near the suburban area of Boxonagar adjacent to the Bangladesh border area. Boxonagar’s Buddhist Stupa is listed among offbeat tourist places in Tripura state and this place is maintained by the ASI.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: Daytime

Location: Boxonagar, Tripura

Buddhist Stupa is 37 km away from Agartala City.

09 Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

A Deer Inside Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
A Deer Inside Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is almost 35 km away from the Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport and this place is known for its biodiversity, natural beauties, forest areas, different species, clouded leopards, deer park, etc. This wildlife sanctuary also has lakes for boating and zoological and botanical gardens.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the ideal tourist places in Tripura to explore wildlife in Tripura during the weekend and also it can be an ideal picnic spot to enjoy with friends and family.

Entry Ticket Price: Different Price For Two Entry Gates and Parking Fees. Around Rs. 20-50/- Per head.

Opening Time: 9 am- 4 pm (Closed On Every Friday)

Location: Bishalgarh, Uttar Charilam, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary: Forest Rest House Abasarika & Eco Cottages, Lake View Resort.

10 Dumboor Lake- One Of The Best Tourist Places In Tripura

Dumboor Lake
Dumboor Lake

Dumboor Lake, situated near Amarpur Sub Division, is a large water body with 48 islets within the lake. The name ‘Dumboor’ originated from the ‘Lord Shiva’, because of the shape of the Dumbook Lake like a small drum. The view of the lake along with the hill is really a mesmerizing thing to witness. A 45-minute boat ride will take you to the ‘Narkelkunja’, also known as ‘Coconut Lake’. Dumboor Lake is undoubtedly a must-visit place in Tripura.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: 10 am – 6 pm (Daily)

Location: Amarpur, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Dumboor Lake: Sagarika Paryatan Niwas, Amarpur. Saima Tourist Lodge, Gandachhera

11 Chabimura


Chabimura, also called Devtamura and Chakwrakma is a famous tourist spot in Tripura for its rock carvings like Unakoti. It is situated on the bank of the River Gomati. Chabimura has carved images of God and Goddesses like Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Goddess Durga, and others. 

Chakwrakma or Chabimura is 93 km away from Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport and 82 km away from the capital Agartala.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 50/- per cab & Rs. 150/- ( Boating Charge)

Opening Time: 10 am- 6 pm

Location: Deb Bari, Amarpur, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Chabimura/Devtamura/Chakwrakma: Sagarika Parjatan Niwas, Chabimura Cottage.

12 Chaturdasha Devata Mandir

Chaturdasha Devata Temple
Chaturdasha Devata Temple

Old Agartala’s Chaturdasha Devata Temple represents fourteen Gods and Goddesses, it was built by the Tripura King Krishna Manikya and is now a popular tourist spot in Tripura. Fourteen Gods and Goddesses are worshipped here by the Tripuri people. This temple is 22 km away from Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport and 10 km away from Agartala Railway Station.

Thousands of people attend the Kharchi puja once a year in the Chaturdasha Devata Mandir. Near the temple, there is a pond, where bathing and other rituals can be performed. There is a tree named ‘Krishna Bat’ which has a mythological story of the tree.

The plant is called ‘Krishna’s Butter Cup’. It is said that once ‘Shri Krishna’ was about to be caught eating butter by Mother ‘Yashoda’, then he tried to hide the butter by rolling it in a leaf of the said tree and the tree leaves retain the shape till today.

Haveli MuseumDon’t Forget To Visit The Haveli Museum, located adjacent to the temple.

Entry Ticket Price: Free

Opening Time: 24 hours

Location: Old Agartala, Khayerpur, Tripura.

13 Science Centre Park- Udaipur

Science City- Udaipur
Science City- Udaipur

Science Centre Park is a recent addition to the tourist places in Tripura in Udaipur city. Science City in Udaipur is a place where science is fun for everyone, regardless of their academic background. It consists of a wide variety of instruments and inventions created by numerous scientists. 

You will learn how these instruments work and why they are so important. Udaipur Science Centre is the best place to visit in Tripura for science lovers after the Science City, Agartala.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 20/- For Adults, Rs. 5/- For Kids

Opening Time: 11 am- 6.30 pm ( Closed On Monday)

Location: Gakulpur, Udaipur, Tripura

This tourist place is 60 km away from Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport, Agartala.

14 Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest wildlife sanctuary situated in South Tripura adjacent to Dumboor Lake. Various migratory and native bird species can be seen in this sanctuary. Asian elephants, barking deer, Buffalo, different birds, wild goats, bison, serow, sambar, and other reptiles are also can be witnessed in Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 20/-

Opening Time: 9 am- 5 pm

Location: Mukchhari, Dumboor, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary: Sagarika Parjatan Niwas, Amarpur ( Nearest Location).

This place is 140 km away from Agartala Airport.

15 Kasba Kali Bari- Kamalasagar

Kasba Kali Bari Temple, also known as Kamalasagar Temple was built by King Dhanya Manikya during the 15th century. There is a lake named ‘Kamalasagar’ situated just in front of the temple. This place has religious importance for the Kali Mata Temple. The temple is almost 30 km away from the capital Agartala.

The name ‘Kamalasagar Lake’ was related to ‘Kamaladevi’, the wife of King Dhanya Manikya. India-Bangladesh border hut is also a major attraction in Kasba Kali Bari Temple.

Entry Ticket Price: Free (Rs. 50/- for Car Parking)

Opening Time: 6 am – 6 pm

Location: Kamalasagar, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Kasba Kali Bari, Kamalasagar: Comilla View Tourist Lodge, Kamalasagar.

16 Gedu Mia’s Mosque

Gedu Mia’s Mosque, located in the heart of Agartala, is one of the largest mosques in Tripura. The architecture of the building gives an old glimpse of implementation. This mosque has intense importance for its history and religious perspective for the Muslim community.

A young man named Gedu Mia had driven elephants, worked in a motor garage, and then became a driver, but his lucky day came in 1942 when the last ruler of Agartala, Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya, gave him a contract to build an airport in Agartala, and he completed the construction.

King gave him the profit and then he decided to construct a Mosque with the profit he earned. So, basically the name ‘Gedu Mia’s Mosque’ was taken after his name and this mosque has a large popularity among Muslim religious people Of Tripura. Gedu Mia’s Masjid is one of the famous architectural heritage tourist places in Tripura.

Location: Shibnagar, Agartala

17 Baramura Eco Park

Baramura Eco Park
Baramura Eco Park

Baramura Eco Park, also known as Hathai Kotor is situated in the Baramura Hill Range of Tripura and it is nearly 47 km away from Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport. This place is a great spot for rare bird watching and it is considered one of the best tourist places in Tripura for watching different birds. The whole eco-park is surrounded by a large forest area and this makes Baramura Eco Park the best place to visit in Tripura for environment lovers.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 20/-

Opening Time: 10 am- 5 pm

Location: Hawaibari, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Baramura Eco Park: Taj Guest House, Teliamura. Manson Guest House, Ampi Road, Teliamura.

18 Akhaura Integrated Check Post- Agartala

Akhaura Integrated Check Post- Agartala
Akhaura Check Post

The National Army Troops organize a flag marching event every evening at the Agartala Integrated Check Post before 5 p.m. This is a quite popular tourist attraction in Tripura and spectators attend the flag ceremonies every evening to witness the flag ceremony. It’s a short drive away from Agartala City. In the evening, you can watch the event and meet people from India and Bangladesh.

The Akhaura Integrated Check Post will give a vibe like ‘Wagah Border’ after the completion of the proposed ‘Mini Stadium’ and other modifications of infrastructure. This may give this place a hike in the number of tourists in Tripura in the near future.

Entry Ticket Price: Free

Opening Time: 8 am – 6 pm

Location: Akhaura Road, Agartala

19 Mahamuni Pagoda- Manubankul

Mahamuni Pagoda, popularly known as Mahamuni Buddha Mandir is one of the sacred tourist places in Tripura for the Buddhist people who follow Budhha. Dalai Lama also visited this Mahamuni Pagoda In Tripura. Visitors from other countries such as Sri Lanka, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc also come here to visit the temple. 

This is one of the most visited Buddha temples in North East India. Mahamuni Pagoda is 127 km away from Agartala Airport.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: 6 am- 7 pm

Location: Dakshin Manubankul, South Tripura

Where To Stay Near Mahamuni Pagoda/ Mahamuni Budhha Mandir: Mahamuni Tourist Lodge, Manubankul Village

20 Kalapania Nature Park- Sabroom

Kalapania Nature Park
Kalapania Nature Park

Kalapania Nature Park is a large eco-park situated in Sabroom and nearly 119 km away from Agartala Airport. It was built in 2004 with 21 hectares of land which is now a mind-soothing place for nature lovers. There is a lake in the middle that enhances the beauty of the park. Tourists can spend a night in the ‘Tanghar’ built over the beautiful lake and also can enjoy boat riding.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 10/-

Opening Time: 8 am- 5 pm

Location: Bhuratali, South Tripura

Where To Stay Near Kalapania Nature Park: Pilak Tourist Lodge, Santirbazar

21 Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is the smallest and least visited tourist wildlife sanctuary place in Tripura. This is located near Dharmanagar, North Tripura. Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is a good place if you are looking for a weekend getaway from Dharmanagar. During the trip to this wildlife sanctuary, one can see a wide variety of plants, animals, birds, and other reptiles. There is also a water body within the sanctuary where tourists can ride boats. This is also famous among tourist places in Tripura among bird watchers. This place is over 150 km away from Agartala Airport.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: 10 am – 5 pm (Closed On Thursday)

Location: Rowa, North Tripura

Where To Stay Near Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary: Juri Tourist Lodge, Dharmanagar

22 Montang Valley

Montang Valley is situated at the highest peak of Atharamura Hills in Tripura. This place is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Tripura state for mountain lovers. Montang Valley is nearly 65 km away from Agartala. Its scenic natural beauty can take anyone’s mind on high for sure and for mountain lovers, Montang Valley is an adventurous tourist place in Tripura.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: Day Hours

Location: Nunachhara R.F, Tripura

23 Gunabati Group Of Temples- Udaipur

Gunabati Group Of Temple- Udaipur
Gunabati Group Of Temple

Gunabati Group Of Temples consists of three temples located in Udaipur City of Tripura. The name ‘Gunabati’ came from the ‘Maharani Gunabati’. She was the wife of King Govinda Manikya. This site is maintained by the Archaeological Survey Of India and research is still going on to explore more about the three temples and their historical importance.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: Day Hours

Location: Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura

24 Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in 1988 and is situated near Belonia, South Tripura. Tourists can witness Indian Bison, Deer, Capped Langur, Different Birds, Golden Langur, Different Animals, and Reptiles. 

Byson is a famous animal in the Trishna National Park. However, you rarely see it, sometimes it comes onto the road. Aside from Byson Park, there are two other spots nearby, the Trishna Picnic Spot and the Trishna Butterfly Park. Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary is listed among popular tourist places in Tripura for wildlife lovers. The butterfly park has a lot of beauty; you can see thousands of different colors of butterflies in the mornings.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 10/-

Opening Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Location: Joychandrapur, Belonia- Bhabanipur Road, South Tripura

Where To Stay Near Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary: Muhuri Paryatan Niwas, Belonia

25 Venuvan Vihar- Agartala

Venuvan Vihar
Venuvan Vihar

During Buddha Purnima, a huge fair is organized every year to celebrate Buddha’s birthday, Venuvan Vihar is the only place In the capital city for Buddhist worshippers to pray. People generally go there in the evening with children to light candles and pray. This place is open to people from all faiths and religions. This is a must-visit holy tourist spot in Tripura.

Entry Ticket Price: Free

Opening Time: 7 am- 7 pm

Location: Kunjavan, Agartala

26 Jampui Hills- One Of The Best Tourist Places In Tripura For Hills Lovers

Jampui Hill is the highest hill range in Tripura. This place is famous for its orange gardens, beautiful forests, hill views, awesome atmosphere, and so many things. Jampui Hill range has nearly 11 villages inhabited by different tribes. Most of them are involved in orange cultivation in Jampui Hill. 

Tourists can witness orange trees, different types of orchids and flowers, and clouded sky views in Jampui Hills during different seasons. Sunrise and Sunset view is the best thing to watch in the Jampui Hill range. Jampui Hill is one of the mesmerizing tourist places in Tripura for mountain lovers.

Opening Time: 24 Hours

Location: Jampui Hill is nearly 200 km away from Agartala.

Where To Stay Near Jampui Hill: Eden Tourist Lodge, Vanghmun

27  Sanaiya Tuisoi Waterfall- The Hidden Waterfall Of Tripura

Sanaiya Waterfall
Sanaiya Waterfall

Sanaiya Waterfall, popularly known as Sanaiya Saika Tuisoi Waterfall is a unique place to visit in Tripura for nature lovers. This place is an offbeat tourist attraction in Tripura. Tuisoi Waterfall is located in Dhalai District near Kamalpur and 130 km from Agartala. This place is locally situated in Sanaiya Reang Para.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time- 24 Hours

Location: Kamalpur, Sanaiya Reang Para, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Sanaiya Tuisoi Waterfall: Kamalpur Tourist Lodge

28 Tepania Eco Park- Udaipur

Tepania Eco Park is a beautiful place near Udaipur City, established in 1995. This eco-park is 55 km away from Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport. Tepania Eco Park is a favorite spot for picnic lovers. The ‘Cactus House’ and ‘Tree House’ is a special attraction of the Tepania Eco Park. Tourists can also stay at night inside the ‘Tree House’. This park is considered one of the best tourist places in Tripura in the ‘Eco-Park’ category.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs.10/-

Opening Time: 6 am- 8 pm ( Closed on Thursday)

Location: Radhakishorepur, Udaipur, Tripura

Where To Stay Near Tepania Eco Park: Gunabati Yatri Niwas, Matabari. Hotel Royal Inn, Ramesh Chowmuhani. Gowri Hotel, Udaipur Town.

29 Mekhlipara Tea Estate- Among Offbeat Tourist Places In Tripura

Mekhlipara Tea Estate
Mekhlipara Tea Estate

There is a beautiful tea garden at Mekhlipara on the edge of the river, where people enjoy picnic parties in the winter, A river called Haora flows nearby, and tourists can have fun enjoying this place with friends and family. Also, there is a tea factory in Mekhlipara Tea Estate. It is only 11 km away from Agartala and 23 km away from MBB International Airport.

Entry Ticket Price: Free

Opening Time: 24 hours

Location: Mekhlipara, Tripura

30 Udayan Budhha Vihar

Budhha In Udayan Budhha Vihar
Budhha In Udayan Budhha Vihar

Udayan Budhha Vihar is one of the oldest Budhha temples in Tripura State, located in North Tripura, Pecharthal. This temple is near to the Kailashahar and over 130 km away from Agartala. This temple is considered a holy place for Buddhist believers. The idols of Udayan Budhha Vihar were made with 8 types of metals, also known as ‘Oshtodhatu’.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: 24 hours

Location: Dhanichhara, Pecharthal, North Tripura

31 Khumulwng Eco Park

Khumulwng Park
Khumulwng Park

Khumulwng Park comes under the TTADC. This is a wonderful tourist spot in Tripura, located only 22 km away from Agartala. A town in the west district of Tripura, Khumulwng is a great place to spend time with family and friends during the winter and other seasons in Khumulwng Eco Park. The place is so calm and beautiful with lovely gardens all around, there is a variety of flowers, plants, and trees, a tribal museum, boating, and so many other things. This is one of the best eco-park to visit in Tripura for tourists.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs.20/-

Opening Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Location: Khumulwng, Tripura

32 Shahid Dhananjoy Tripura Smriti Eco Park

Shahid Dhananjoy Tripura Smriti Eco Park
Shahid Dhananjoy Tripura Smriti Eco Park

In this park, there are many trees and greenery, and the sculptures are being made along with a picnic spot, and the ecosystem is just awe-inspiring. If you love nature, then it is a must-visit place since nature has decorated it with all of its goodness. This Eco Park is located in South Tripura and 104 km away from Agartala.

Opening Time: 9 am- 6 pm

Location: Hichachhara, South Tripura

33 Bat View Point

A new bat viewpoint in the Gomati district, Bagma, has been established by the tourism department and the state forest department to attract more tourists. The Bat View Point is nearly 52 km away from Agartala Airport. The viewpoint has been built beside the Bagma Forest Office. Currently, there are more than thousands of bats taking shelter at the ‘Bat View Point’.

A major part of the vital ecological balance is maintained by bats, so the state government is taking initiatives and establishing plans to protect those bats and also develop the area as a tourist attraction In Tripura.

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: 6 am- 5 pm

Location: Barabhaiya, Bagma, Tripura

34 Dumala Waterfalls

Dumala Waterfalls
Dumala Waterfalls

Dumala waterfall is located in the hill range of Aatharamura in the Khowai District, which is extremely slippery, so it is not suitable for everyone. However, once tourists arrive, they will definitely appreciate it. This is listed among adventure-packed tourist places in Tripura. It is also a favorite spot among picnic lovers and hill trekkers. Dumala Waterfall is 60 on away from Agartala.

Opening Time: 24 Hours

Location: Ramkrishnabari, Tripura

35 Albert Ekka Park & Oxygen Park

Oxygen Park
Oxygen Park

Albert Ekka Park: During the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War, an Indian soldier named Albert Ekka sacrificed his life, saving Agartala. Albert Ekka Park is a soldier’s park that is situated in Lichubagan, which is 7.5 km from the center of Agartala. The park is dedicated to him. 

Entry Ticket Price: N/A

Opening Time: 8 am- 8 pm

Location: Lichubagan, Agartala. 5 km away from Agartala.

Oxygen Park: Tripura,’s first “Oxygen park” in the state. In addition to a walking track and internal pathways, there is also an open gym area, children’s play zone, beautiful orchid gardens, medicinal plants, a butterfly garden, wildflowers, a display area of wildlife, etc.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 10/-

Opening Time: 2 pm- 7 pm

Location: Gandhigram. Nearly 7 km from Agartala.

36 Baramura Waterfall

Baramura, locally called ‘Hatai Kotor’ is a hill destination in Tripura. Baramura waterfall has no delineated path to reach the destination point, which is completely secluded in dense forest. It is a must-see place in Tripura for adventure enthusiasts. Be prepared to hike in a very slippery terrain before visiting this place.

This place is hidden in Barmura Jungle, you can reach there by walking but avoid monsoon season, it will look more beautiful in the monsoon season, however, it may also be more dangerous for slippery Roads at that time of year. You should bring swimming costumes or double pairs of clothes for the worst-case scenario.

Opening Time: Day hours

Location: Hawaibari, Baramura, Tripura

37 Nehru Park

Nehru Park
Nehru Park

Nehru Park is beautiful from the inside, as well as has many other fun things for children to do, such as swings, and many other fun things to do. This park is good for spending a short time in the lazy evening and it is just 4 km away from Agartala. This park is considered one of the most visited tourist places in Tripura.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 10/-

Opening Time: Daytime

Location: Gorkhabasti, Agartala.

38 Tea Garden View Point- Laxmilunga

This place has a beautiful tea garden surrounded by natural beauty. It is also an excellent picnic spot for so many people. However, the best time to picnic is in the winter season of the foggy atmosphere around the garden. 

It is nearly 14 km of a short drive from Agartala and it is one of the offbeat tourist places in Tripura. Laxmilunga Tea Garden View Point is a wonderful place to see sunsets in the evening time, it’s an incredibly beautiful place!

Opening Time: 24 hours

Location: Laxmilunga, Tripura

39 Heritage Park

Poster- Heritage Park
Poster- Heritage Park

A visit to the Heritage Park gives one a taste of Tripura’s history, culture, landmarks, temples, and other important tourist places. It is nestled in a peaceful area, so it is the perfect place to visit with family and friends to spend some quality time. This park has replicas of almost all the important tourist places in Tripura, so tourists can get an instant glimpse of Tripura Tourism after visiting the Heritage Park, Agartala. 

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 10/-

Opening Time: 6 am – 6 pm ( 6 am- 8 am for morning walk & free entry is available)

Location: Gorkhabasti, Kunjaban, Tripura. It is only 3 km away from Agartala.

40 Bash gram- Bamboo Village

Bash Gram bamboo Village
Bash Gram

If you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends, the place ‘Bashgram’ is really a top choice. Apart from the city buzz, you can feel the tranquility of the greenery and arts developed with bamboo. This place aims to promote ecotourism in Tripura, and it is located 36 km away from Agartala. Bash Gram is a new addition to the list of best tourist places to visit in Tripura. Everything in this place is made of bamboo, including walkways, bridges, restaurants, seating areas, etc. Bash Gram was one of the most visited tourist places in Tripura when suddenly it became viral all over the state.

Entry Ticket Price: Rs. 100/-

Opening Time: 7.30 am – 9.30 pm

Location: Katlamara, Megliband Part, Tripura

So, these were the 40 best tourist places in Tripura you can plan to visit on your next trip. You should definitely plan to visit all the tourist attractions someday after opting for a long holiday.

How To Reach The Tourist Places In Tripura?

If you are from Tripura, then it should not be a problem to reach any tourist spots in Tripura, but if visiting from outside of Tripura then you need to get some knowledge about all the routes you would take. Let’s discuss the various routes to reaching Tripura.

By Air: Book your flight from your nearest airport to the Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport(IXA). This is the only airport running in the Tripura state, near the capital Agartala.

By Train: Agartala Railway Station is well connected with most of the other cities. ‘Humsafar Express’ can take you to Tripura from your state. Try checking railway tickets to reach Tripura by train.

By Road: This is not a recommended route for reaching the state conveniently. Because there is no direct bus service available from Tripura to other states of India. However, you can reach Tripura by bus if you are from the North-East. It is well connected to Guwahati by bus from Tripura.

Pro Tips: If you are coming from other cities then you should know that Tripura doesn’t have any Ola, Uber, or other known cab services to travel outstations from Agartala. So, it is advisable to get contacts and book affordable local cab drivers from Agartala who can take you to all the tourist places in Tripura conveniently. You can also travel by normal local vehicles, buses or train.

However, If you plan to visit the nearest tourist attractions from Agartala, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Because Uber Auto is available and other vehicles are also available to travel nearby Agartala. Happy Travelling! Oh! wait wait, I forgot to mention one more place in Tripura that you should definitely visit. ‘ Maitri Udyan’

Bharat- Bangladesh Maitri Udyan

Maitri Udyan, located near the India- Bangladesh border, is a freedom park built as a tribute to Bangladeshi Freedom Fighters and Indian soldiers who gave their lives during the War against Pakistan. This park is more than just a park, it is full of a museum, hills, lakes, different plants, sculptures, graveyards, and many other things tourists can witness.

This place was the base camp of freedom fighters during the war against Pakistan. Maitri Udyan is nearly 130 km away from Agartala. It has statues of famous personalities like Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and other war-related statues are also can be seen inside the Bharat-Bangladesh Maitri Udyan.

Opening Time: 10 am- 4.30 pm

Location: Bhairabnagar, Chottakhola, Tripura

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