12 Most Haunted Places In Kolkata You May Want To Visit

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Kolkata, The City Of Joy is known for its rich culture and was also the first capital of India during the British Empire. There are many historical buildings and iconic heritages that can be witnessed. Some places here are known for paranormal reasons and old stories. Here we are going to check out a few of the claimed Most Haunted Places In Kolkata.

12 Haunted Places In Kolkata:

01. The Hastings House

The Hastings House is known for supernatural reasons. This ancient building was built as a residence by William Hastings who was the Governor-General of Bengal during the British Empire. Today it is a well-known women’s college.

Paranormal Occurrence: There have been many reports of students seeing a man, allegedly Warren Hastings, riding a horse and searching for something around the campus.

Some also claimed to hear the laughter of a young boy and the sound of a football. A shadow of a young boy was seen many times who died while playing on the playground of the hastings.

02. South Park Street Cemetery- One Of The Most Haunted Places In Kolkata

South Park Street Cemetery was originally built in 1767 when the British Empire started to spread its agenda in West Bengal. In Kolkata, many British and European residents caught diseases that couldn’t be treated back then, which caused them to die at a very young age. Most of them buried in South Park Street Cemetery were only 20 years old or below. The unsatisfied souls of the residents are still searching for peace as per some talks.

South Park Street Cemetery has been the subject of many paranormal stories and incidents. Many attribute these stories to ghosts of those buried there. It is even known as Kolkata’s most haunted place.

Paranormal Occurrence: Several people have reported fainting or feeling suddenly ill after visiting this cemetery. Others have described feeling jumbled with chills up their spines, having trouble breathing, or otherwise feeling weird. The name graveyard itself confirms that there must be something strange about negative powers. So, this is one of the haunted locations without any doubt.

Can This Place Be Visited?

No one can enter or visit South Park Street Cemetery after the evening. It is locked at night so that one can get into the graveyard to explore any paranormal activities.

However, during the daytime, it can be visited and locals and tourists enjoy this area of the city and it’s serene in the summertime. During your visit to this graveyard, you’ll see more than 1600 tombs in this place.

03. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

This station is connected to Kolkata metro line 1 and is among Kolkata’s busiest metro stations. Rabindra Sarobar is also the first underground metro line in India. This station has seen several suicides on its tracks and the haunted activities started to grow from time to time due to the negative incidents that happened here.

Paranormal Occurrence: People see ghostly figures moving around this metro station. Shadows in the pillars and some objects moving in the tracks are also reported by many spectators and also confirmed by metro drivers that they saw footless bodies moving restlessly on the tracks and suddenly they disappeared.

There have also been reports of passengers hearing this kind of screaming inside the train when the platform is deserted. In several instances, commuters have also seen these figures jumping onto the tracks especially late at night and these incidents made this metro station one of the most haunted places in Kolkata.

04. Writer’s Building

The Writer’s Building was established more than 240 years ago during the British time in India. It is believed that the soul of Colonel Simpson haunts this building ever since he was shot by the three young revolutionaries on December 8, 1930, when Benoy, Badal, and Dinesh walked up to the building and assassinated the inspector general of police, Colonel Simpson, who had been known for brutality against Indian prisoners.

Paranormal Occurrence: People complained about sudden cries, footsteps noise, and scary smiles. Nobody is willing to be presented in this building after sunset. Colonel Simpson was shot in the fifth block of the Writer’s Building and this is the least visited area in this building.

05. Nimtala Crematorium

Nimtala crematorium is one of the sacred burning ghats of the country, located along the banks of Hoogly. It is also the largest crematorium in India. The famous Rabindranath Tagore and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar were also cremated in Nimtala Crematorium.

It is said that on the nights of Kali Puja, Aghoris feed on the cremated remains of the dead, stimulating paranormal activity. Nimtala The crematorium is said to be haunted for obvious reasons.

06. National Library Of India, Kolkata

The National Library Of India situated in Kolkata city is claimed to be haunted for historical reasons. The National Library was the residing place of the Governor-General of the British Empire. It is said that the wife of the governor, Lady Metcalfe loved to read books and she didn’t like a mess and dirty things. Everything needed to look clean in front of her.

Paranormal Occurrence: It is claimed that unless you return the book you’re reading where you took it, you can feel Lady Metcalfe heavily breathing on you. She didn’t like any out-of-order activities and it is believed that she is still doing the same thing for decades even after her death.

Lady Metcalfe’s footsteps have been heard by night guards and fallen shadows have been glimpsed on the wall by students studying until late. Furthermore, during the renovation in 2010, around 12 men died on the site, and their ghosts haunt the National Library even today.

07. Ganges River Ghats Under Howrah Bridge

The ghats of the Ganges river under Howrah Bridge are said to be one of the haunted places in Kolkata city. It is reported that there have been many suicides and drownings caused by people jumping from the bridge over the years.

Paranormal Occurrence: People claim to see hands out of water calling for help at midnight. Several witnesses have reported seeing a white woman sobbing and shouting their names. Is It Really Possible?

Why Kolkata Is Famous And Called The City Of Joy?

08. The Soul Of A Horse ( Royal Calcutta Turf Club)

The Story Behind: It is a horse racing point established in 1847. There was a racing freak named George Williams at that time and he had several horses for racing purposes. One of the horses among them became his favorite because of the race-winning qualities but with time the horse started to lose games due to the age factors and performances. One day that horse was found dead with gun injuries.

Paranormal Occurrence: People witnessed the returned soul of George William’s dead horse on the tracks of the race course at midnight. Maybe the horse was shot intentionally or killed by someone, so the spirit of the horse is still running around the Royal Calcutta Turf Club.

09. Kolkata Khidirpur Dock – The Ghost Of Nawab

Mirza Wajid Ali Shah, the last king of Awadh, built the Khidirpur Dock. Trade with the East India Company resulted in him being ditched and discarded by the British.

Paranormal Occurrence: There have been reports of seeing shadows of a man allegedly Mirza Wajid Ali Shah in the dock area of Khidirpur Dock. Rumors suggest that Nawab is still seeking revenge from the Britishers. Isn’t It Eerie?

10. Putulbari Heritage House

Putulbari Heritage House is claimed to be one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. It is also known as House Of Dolls. In addition to the building’s large collection of dolls, the building has been said to be haunted by the souls of women who have been raped and abused by the rich Bengal babus in the past.

Paranormal Occurrence: Local people reported hearing cries of females from this old heritage building. It is said that the spirit of the abused women is still haunting this place. Bangle’s sound is also can be heard late at night. Scary! Right?

11. Wipro Office, Salt Lake

This haunted Wipro Office is located in Salt Lake, Sector v. It is said by the locals that this office space was once a graveyard. Later, the Wipro office had been constructed after demolishing the graveyard space.

Paranormal Occurrence: The third floor of this Wipro Office is known for some unavoidable paranormal existence. Company employees have often reported mysterious behaviors in the washrooms and other spaces of this office. This office is among the most haunted places in Kolkata city.

When people use the lift or the staircase to the upper floors, they claim to hear the sounds of things falling frequently. The security guards reported that they hear noises at night from inside the building. Spooky? Will You Come Here For The Job Interview?

12. Lower Circular Road Cemetery

The Lower Circular Road Cemetery is where William Hay MacNaghte, a civil servant of the British Empire was buried after being violently murdered. His body was cut into so many pieces.

Paranormal Occurrence: A number of eerie incidents can be heard from people about the Lower Circular Road Cemetery. It is reported that noises are heard inside and around the cemetery if someone passes by or tries to enter at night.

Another strange claim about this place is if people here try to call the name William Hay MacNaghte or any stories related to him around this cemetery, the trees near the grave start quivering. Will You Try That? You should think again to visit this haunted place in Kolkata.

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Some Asked Questions About The Kolkata’s Most Haunted Places

Q. Are These Places Haunted In Real Or Just Rumors?

A. Frankly speaking, these places are claimed to be haunted. You should understand the fact between claimed and real incidents. So, these alleged places don’t necessarily need to be haunted but also it doesn’t mean that the paranormal existence of these places can be fully avoided.

QIs There Any Special Permission Needed To Visit The Haunted Places?

A. Not exactly. Most of the haunted places in Kolkata are open to visitors. No need to take special permission to enter the premises. But you should always check the conditions before planning a visit.

Q. Which Is The Eeriest Place In Kolkata That Should Be Avoided?

A. South Park Street Cemetery, is the earliest place located near Salt Lake, Kolkata. People also found the Putulbari a dangerous place to visit at night.

Q. Is It Safe To Visit The Haunted Places?

A. There are no frequent reports of being hurt by any ghosts inside the haunted places in the daytime. However, you can visit at your own risk. But visiting these places after sunset or at the night should be avoided.

Q. Is Children Allowed Inside?

A. There is no written instruction about allowing or disallowing children inside the haunted places. So, it depends on you.

Q. Is All The Haunted Locations Opened For Visitors?

A. No. But most of the places are open for visitors in the daytime.

Q. Is Photography Allowed Inside The Premises?

A. Yes. You can take photos as you want. There are no such restrictions for photography.

Q. Can I Visit The Places At Night Secretly If Want To Explore Paranormal Activities?

A. The said places are strictly closed at night for exploring or researching any paranormal incidents. If someone enters illegally in the absence of night guards, then this can be a life-threatening choice for the individual. This practice should be strictly avoided. Even if you don’t believe in paranormal incidents, you should not visit an abandoned place at night. Someone might be waiting for you, who knows?

Q. How To Find The Exact Location Of The Haunted Places In Kolkata?

A. You can search on google by the names of the places and get directions on 📍 Google Maps to reach the locations.

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