How To Reach Manali From Bangalore? This Is How We Reached The Town

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If You Are Wondering ‘How To Reach Manali From Bangalore‘, Then You Are Here At The Right Place. I Have Recently Visited The City And I’m So Thrilled To Share My Experiences.

Manali, a famous town of Himachal Pradesh, located in the Kullu district is a must-visit place for nature lovers and travelers. Manali is more than 250 km away from the capital city Shimla and the accessibility between the two locations is good in terms of other parts of Himachal Pradesh. Manali has gained popularity as a tourist destination in India since it is the entrance to the Spiti Valley, Lahaul, as well as Leh in Ladakh & this, makes Manali an important town in the state.

How To Reach Manali From Bangalore? Travel Stories Of My Journey To The Beautiful Town

In the month of January, I decided to make a tour plan of Himachal Pradesh from Bangalore to explore its scenic beauty and hills range. At that time I was wondering, how to reach Manali from Bangalore directly. But unfortunately, I couldn’t get any practical route to reach the town. So, I decided to visit the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla at first, then I planned for Manali. You must be wondering, is there any direct route to reach Shimla from Bangalore?

No, the direct route is not available to reach Shimla, You have to take a flight to Delhi Airport, and then you can book for Delhi to Shimla Airport. The main problem would be, the cancellation chances of flights are common during harsh weather and sometimes the flight fare could be a burden on your pocket. That is why I preferred to reach Shimla from Bangalore via Chandigarh. This is the safest and one of the most tried routes.

I took a flight to Chandigarh Airport, also known as Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport from Kempegowda International Airport(BLR). Then after reaching around 12.30 PM, I booked a cab for my hotel. I decided to stay for at least one day in Chandigarh to roam around. I enjoyed some delicious food at the Elante Mall, which was near my hotel, and visited some beautiful gardens of Chandigarh.

The next day early morning I left for Shimla by cab and it took me above 3 hours for 112 KM. I could also leave for Manali from Chandigarh, but I thought it would be a nice decision to visit Shimla at first and trust me it was a great journey and the roads were covered by fresh snowfall from two sides. Still, it gives me peace of mind remembering those stares.

After two days of exploring Shimla, I left for Manali by booking a cab from MakeMyTrip. It was morning 7 o’clock and I started my journey. The distance between Shimla and Manali is almost 250 KM and it usually takes 7-8 hours to reach. But I reached the next day morning due to the landslides just 40-50 KM from Manali ( Kullu-Mandi road). So, this is how I reached Manali from Bangalore via Shimla.

Now, let’s discuss the various routes you can take to reach Manali from Bangalore easily.

How To Reach Manali From Bangalore By Air: 

Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to Manali. It is around 50 KM away from the town. To reach Manali from Bangalore by air, take a flight to the Delhi Airport from Kempegowda International Airport and then Delhi to Bhuntar Airport. But the possibility of getting regular flights during peak seasons is the main problem of reaching Manali by air. Taking a flight to Chandigarh Airport and then reaching Manali by cab or bus is the best option.

How To Reach Manali From Bangalore By Train: 

There are no direct trains you can find to reach Manali from Bangalore by train. So, the simplest route could be if you book a train ticket for Chandigarh and then from Chandigarh which is only around 300 KM and will take 8 to 9 hours to reach your destination. There are many options like buses, and private cabs available to reach Manali from Chandigarh. You can easily select your best route according to your budget.

How To Reach Manali From Bangalore By Road:

 Reaching Manali from Bangalore by road directly is not recommended. It will take a huge time and effort if you self-drive or book a cab to reach. Also, there are no such direct bus services available to reach Manali from Bangalore. Happy Travelling.

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    Chandigarh is the closest major airport from Bangalore. We had an enjoyable 8 to 10 hour picturesque road travel by taxi from Chandigarh to Manali. As an alternative, you might fly to Delhi and then travel to Manali via bus or cab. The amazing scenery and adventure that await you in Manali make the lengthy drive well worth it!

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