Sholay Hills- A Perfect Weekend Trip To The Sholay Shooting Hilltop!

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Ramadevara Betta Hills, popularly known as the ‘Sholay Shooting HillTop or Sholay Hills’ is located almost 60 km away from Bangalore city. This place became popular after releasing an evergreen Bollywood movie named ‘Sholay’ which was shot in Ramanagara. 

It was a place where ‘Gabbar’ the villain from the movie ‘Sholay’ used to hide himself and his fellow robbers.

This place is not only popular for the ‘Sholay’ things but also for religious importance. A temple before the hilltop named ‘Sri Rameshwara Swamy Temple’ is a nice place to visit in Ramadevara Betta Hills. It is said that lord Ram came to this place to spend time during his 14 years of exile. Hence, this place has great religious holy vibes.

It is a nice place to take a short trek. The top temple is approximately 400 steps away, and then a short trek uphill leads to the hilltop of Sholay shooting hills, where the view is amazing. The cool breeze will make your mind and body peaceful if you visit during appropriate seasons.

How To Reach Sholay Shooting HillTop?

‘Sholay Shooting HillTop’ can be a perfect one-day weekend trip from Bangalore. But remember that you can witness a lot of crowds during weekends. To reach ‘Sholay Hills’ Bangalore-Mysore expressway is the best choice to reach conveniently. We started our journey from the Rajajinagar area at around 7 am in the morning and it was nearly 50 km from my location.

We didn’t have any idea of the exact location of the destination, so we preferred ‘Google Maps’ which was really helpful and accurate. We took the Mysore road which was 33 km continued straight from the total 50 km of our journey. It took over 2 hours to reach ‘Sholay Hills’ from Rajajinagar, Bangalore with a moderate speed limit not exceeding 70 km/hour.

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Best Time To Visit Sholay Hills:

It is not a good idea to plan for ‘Sholay Hills’ during monsoon and rainy weather. October- February is the most preferred time to visit the place.

Trekking Difficulty:

Easy to moderate. It may be a bit difficult to reach the highest point due to the steep slope and disorganized steps.

Things To Carry:

You should carry water bottles and some snacks to keep your hunger level down if needed. Because the options for food are limited or you may not find anything near the location.

Visiting Hours & Trekking Hours:

Trekking starts after 9 a.m. to reach the Sholay Shooting HillTop. So, it is not advisable to reach the place before this time frame. This place is good for short trekking activities and perfect for a day trip from Bangalore.

Is It Worth Visiting The Place?

If you take my word, then this is really a good place to visit if you like to spend some time with nature and want to witness spectacular views from the hilltop. You can experience a glimpse of small trekking and hiking in this place and most importantly the temple of lord Rama is the best part of Ramadevara Betta Hills. You should definitely plan to visit the Sholay Shooting Hilltop on your next weekend. So, What Are You Waiting For?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I Trek To The Sholay Hilltop Easily?

A. Yes. It is an easy-to-moderate short trek and you can easily reach the top.

Q. Is It A Safe Trek For Children?

A. No. It is totally unsafe for children to reach the hilltop by trekking the steep slopes. Hence, it is not advisable to take your child there. However, if you don’t trek to the top, then it is not an issue. You can also enjoy the view from the temple area after the 400 steps.

Q. Are There Enough Space Available For Parking?

A. Yes. Enough parking space is available there. But sometimes it may be overcrowded during weekends.

Q. Can I Witness The Sunrise From The Top Of The Sholay Hills?

A. No. You cannot see the sunrise from the top. Because the trekking activities start from 9 am to reach the hilltop. So, it is not a wise idea to reach there before 9 am to witness the sunrise.

Q. Can I Get Snacks Or Any Food After Reaching The Hilltop?

A. Take your snacks and water in your bag before reaching the top. Most probably you will not get anything at the hilltop.

Q. Can I Visit Sri Rama Temple any time Of The Day?

A. Yes. You can visit the temple anytime between 9 am to 5 pm. Also, there you can have some food for free organized by the temple authorities. Happy Travelling.

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