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What Exactly Is A Sizzler?

Sizzlers are single-dish meals, in which meats and vegetables are cooked in a sauce on a hot metal plate.

Review: Smoke- The Sizzler House, Whitefield

It was 1 pm on the clock, breakfast could have been better but I thought I would try something special at lunch. At 1.30 pm, I packed my bag and dressed up 

for an outside lunch. I had decided not to go far away from my place due to my hunger level. 

So, I decided to go to a shopping mall near me. The Forum Neighborhood Mall, Whitefield. This was the second time I had planned for lunch here in the same month. 

After searching a few numbers of restaurants I tried to convince myself to try a sizzler meal. After a short menu glimpse, I ordered a Chef’s Special Sizzler Combo.

The order had been served within 10 minutes, I must say that the serving time limit was really good for a restaurant to get a positive response from a customer seeking a quick solution to hunger. The meal was served in a typical sizzler style on a hot metal plate. The smoke on the serving plate indicated the restaurant’s name itself.

The Chef’s Special Sizzler Combo had 3 types of chicken, potatoes, Veg Rice, and a thin layer of cabbage under the whole meal. The taste of chicken chili and lollipops was good. But the salt quantity should have been improved as it was tasting a bit less salt. Rice and vegetables were just okay.

What About The Cost Of The Meal? 

Rs. 1000 approx for two.

The price seemed to be a problem here. In my opinion, the cost was not justified by the quantity or quality of the food. It should be less than the current price to give value to the customer.

What Are The Payment Methods They Accept?

Currently, You can use Cash/ Card for your transactions. I have not seen any Wallet, UPI, or Paytm for payment options.

Final Verdict: 3 Stars ✨ 

Location- The Forum Neighborhood Mall, Food Court (3rd Floor) Whitefield Main Road, Prestige Ozone, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

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