Vatadahosahalli Lake- A Perfect Weekend Getaway Near Bangalore!

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Vatadahosahalli Lake

Vatadahosahalli Lake is a serene place filled with natural beauty & hillock surroundings that make it a perfect weekend getaway spot near Bangalore City.

The lake is around 100 km away from the hustling and bustling of the capital City which drives even more attention for its quiet attitude.

How To Reach Vatadahosahalli Lake From Bangalore?

The best approach to reach the lake is to take a private vehicle or cab because you will not find any desirable public transport services for reaching this beautiful tourist spot.

A motorbike ride to the Vatadahosahalli Lake would be a perfect choice if you are an adventure track lover. If you love to take a long drive with your family on the weekends then this place could make your plan worthwhile.

In the 100 km long ride, you must cross by Bellary Road/Ramana Maharshi Rd and continue to follow the same road for another 23-24 km. Take your right turn to stay on National Highway 44 and try to follow the same road for another 47 km.

We started our journey to the lake from Rajajinagar and it was around a 99 km long journey that took us to this mesmerizing weekend spot near Bangalore. The trip should take approximately 2-2.5 hours long.

Although Google Maps would be sufficient for the drive, it is always a good idea to ask the locals to reach smoothly without any error that can make the trip longer.

Best Time To Visit Vatadahosahalli Lake

The best time to reach the lake is always in the early morning but if you are not a morning person then you can also plan the trip during the evening times to witness one of the perfect sunsets of your life.

Try to start your trip by early morning 4 am and you will be reached at around 7.30 am. Consider starting the trip before 4 am to witness the amazing sunrise of the day.

It is not recommended to visit the place between 10 am- 4.30 pm, because this place doesn’t have shadows of trees that can save you from the scorching sun during the hottest sunny day.

Vatadahosahalli Lake

Best Time To Visit: 5 am- 9 am (early morning) & 4.30 pm- 6.45 pm (evening)

Activities To Do In Vatadahosahalli Lake

A Perfect Picnic Spot!

If you are a picnic lover & looking for the best spot for outdoor activities like picnic parties with your friends and family, then don’t think too much, you have already got the place. It’s Vatadahosahalli Lake!

The best thing about this place is that you can even stay your night here and continue your picnic party till midnight or whatever time you want. So, just fill your bag with your favorite dishes to enjoy your upcoming weekend.

Night Camping In A Tent

Who doesn’t love to spend the night in a place where birds are chirping and winds are reflecting in a different way touching the outer body of a lake surrounded by mesmerizing hillocks? Of course! everyone (except some hippos, kidding!).

So, if you love doing night camping, and picnic parties in a peaceful spot then this could be the ideal place to include in your next weekend trip.

There is a tiny narrow way after the lake which is quiet and has a peaceful ambiance, so it creates a better sense of calm, and people love to come in with their tents for night camping or for spending their perfect lazy day hours from the different part of the Bangalore city.


There is an off-road available here where you can get a small hiking experience but if you seriously love hiking or trekking then I would like to suggest the nearest destination ‘ Gudibande Fort.’

Things To Carry

This place is one kind of isolated tourist area where any nearby shops and locality are not available. So, it is always advisable to carry your things from your home for a pleasant stay. You should bring your water and food and other necessary things according to your needs.

Consider bringing a big umbrella here or a good shade cover for the scorching sun if you have a plan to stretch your day till evening to witness the sunset. A camping chair is one of the must things to carry in this short trip.

Bring some extra clothes with you if you want to swim in the lake and enjoy your day. Carry a good spacious tent for night camping for a comfortable stay. As there are no toilets available nearby, you should think about bringing something for that. I don’t know what’s that!

Pro-Tips For Your Upcoming Trip:

If you have already come here and thinking about returning back to the city, then you are making a mistake! Take a turn right & visit the nearest tourist destination ‘Gudibande Fort & Lake‘ which is another beautiful place to hang out and spend your weekend. Gudibande Fort is only 8 km away from Vatadahosahalli Lake.

I have another plan for you! suppose you have spent your Saturday night at the lake having a picnic party and night camping, you might like to visit the 112-foot-long ‘Adiyogi Statue‘ at ‘Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur’ which is nearly 41 km from the Vatadahosahalli Lake.

Check Out: A Trip To The Adiyogi Statue Of Isha Foundation, Chikkaballapur

For taking some best photos, park your vehicle adjacent to the lake and click. That’s done! You got your next profile picture. Always prefer your trip in the early morning or the evening time & avoid mid-noon.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful place in the heart of nature and away from city noise, Vatadahosahalli Lake is a great place to go. There is no shade of trees or other facilities like cleaning and other things available here because this is a natural site that isn’t maintained by the government or any private company.

So, it would be a kind gesture towards nature if you bring a trash bag and dump your waste somewhere else other than right here in the lake.

Thank You For Staying Till The Last, Ashiq N signing off here! Happy Travelling! Sayonara!

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