8 Most Haunted Places In Bangalore To Get Thrilled

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Bangalore is also known as the IT City of India. The hustle and bustle of people here make the city restless all the time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t expect horror stories and incidents in some places around the city.

Haunted Places In Bangalore And Some Claimed Incidents:

Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital is the largest hospital in Bangalore located near the KR Market. So many people die in hospitals, and it is obvious to observe a few incidents related to paranormal activities. This hospital is one of the oldest ones that have witnessed deaths for decades and hence this is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore.

The Occurrence:

Ghostly activities have been reported at the hospital’s morgue in recent years. Most people have seen a ghostly figure on the trees nearby, which is believed to be that of a woman who died there many decades ago.

It’s interesting that the ghosts here only rob food rather than scare people. Security guards have also witnessed another spirit walking the hallways at night, making a crying-like noise.

Apparently, the ghosts here are fond of food a lot, since a significant amount of food items have gone missing over the years. Even some people have left some food under the trees after dark – but they went missing after a time. Strange, right?

A Call Centre- MG Road

MG Road is one of the most liked places in Bangalore, especially for people who like to enjoy the nightlife of this city. MG Road is the favorite destination among youth for shopping, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, and other activities. This place is among the less-known haunted places in Bangalore.

The OccurrenceThere is a call center that crosses MG Road and it is said to be haunted by some groups of people who witnessed paranormal things around the place. There have been reports of people hearing a woman screaming in the office at night.

According to reports, a young woman working in the call center was killed as a result of a drunk driving crash. She was found lying in the road screaming when the driver left her there.

Kempegowda International Airport(BLR)

Kempegowda International Airport is claimed to be one of the most haunted places in Bangalore.

The Incidents: In the vicinity of the runway, a woman in a white saree is reported to roam. The pilot who saw her reported the phenomenon to the authorities. Later, several times such sights of the women were claimed by the ground staff and pilots.

In addition, several taxi drivers, including those in the cargo bay, have reported seeing a white figure walking through the terminal. A headless ghost has also been spotted near the escalators and parking area.

Terra Vera- St. Mark’s Road

Terra Vera, another haunted place in Bangalore, is located near St. Mark’s Road. A midnight burglar stabbed Dolce to death in Terra Vera in 2002. Dolce was the daughter of Anglo-Indian lawyer EJ Vaz who built this colonial house in 1943. His elder daughter Vera Vaj somehow managed to leave the house and survived that night.

The Occurrence: It was found that those who went inside the house to take pictures of the car and furniture came back with dull batteries and tainted pictures. Some mysterious sounds and other paranormal activities are also reported and thus this place is on the list of the most haunted places in Bangalore.

Although this haunted house in Bangalore has been demolished, the paranormal activity has not stopped on the grounds. People still get thrilled passing by the Terra Vera house.

Hoskote Route

Known as one of the top haunted places in Bangalore, the Hoskote Route is said to be haunted, and many people who have gone on this route after sunset have felt unusual paranormal activities.

The Story About A Old Lady: In the past, this route was one of the most popular routes for motorists, but now it is so dangerous that people are scared to travel on it even during daylight hours. Motorists and rickshaws have claimed to see an old woman asking for a lift. Avoid stopping anywhere on the Hoskote route if you do not wish to experience a ghostly encounter.

NH 4 – A Mystery Girl

National Highway 4 or Mumbai- Bangalore Highway is said to be haunted. But that does not mean that you can witness paranormal things in the daytime. Midnight is much of a preferred time for supernatural powers. This highway is claimed to be one of the most haunted places in Bangalore.

The Incident: In the middle of the night, people who drive through this highway have seen a mystery girl asking for a lift. People claimed that when anyone stop the car to help her, she vanishes. Then again she comes all of a sudden in front of the vehicle and starts laughing mysteriously. Isn’t It Awkward?

Take a deeper look at someone asking for a lift on this road next time!

Personal Incident: During my college years, NH 4 incidents were a hot topic among our classmates. So, I decided to make a plan to roam around the road where such incidents were reported frequently. I was accompanied by my four friends. We left for NH 4 before midnight. It was near about 1.30 am, and one of my friends suddenly started moving with his two-wheeler toward another route to a jungle. We started following him instantly. After some time we stopped at a place and he disappeared. We tried to connect with him on call, but he was unreachable.

We thought something was not right with that track. He was absolutely fine before sometimes but suddenly how could he behave like that? We kept trying his phone but were not connected for a single time. Then we planned to go and search again but he was not anywhere nearby. So, we decided to call for help by calling 100 after waiting for more than an hour. 

But the good thing was we got a callback from the missing friend and he told us that he did not know where he was and how he reached there. Somehow, we managed to get him that night, and further, he mentioned that he saw a lady waving at him and his two-wheeler started moving in another direction without his intentions. He didn’t remember anything about how he lost and what happened to him. Doesn’t It Sound Strange? 

It is still a mystery what happened that night. Was It just an illusion of my friend or the mysterious lady was actually there in reality? I still think that this road is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. No doubt!

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Kalpalli Cemetery

Kalpalli Cemetery is located near Old Madras Road and is known for some unusual paranormal feelings inside the premise of this cemetery. Although it is a cemetery and cremation is done here regularly, any kind of supernatural activity here is a common possible thing to witness. Kalpalli Cemetery is considered one of the top haunted places located in Bangalore.

The Occurrence: There have been reports of a weird man stalking the graveyard and disappearing when approached. Some visitors say there was an unbreathable atmosphere near some graves. The paranormal activities can be seen mostly after sunset. Having been in the graveyard they had the strange feeling of someone watching them, even guards are reluctant to go near the graves after dark.

Naale Ba: ‘Come Tomorrow’

Naale Ba is not a place, it means ‘Come Tomorrow’. It is basically an incident that started in the ’90s in rural areas near Karnataka.

Those living in rural areas write the phrase ‘Naale Ba’ in front of their homes to ward off evil spirits. It is claimed that the bridal ghost is said to roam rural Bangalore streets at night searching for her husband. It is believed that whenever she sees the phrase ‘Come Tomorrow’, she goes back and again comes for the next day and it continues. 

As per stories, the bridal spirit knocks on residents’ doors and speaks in the voice of their family or friends causing them to be unable to keep their doors shut. Her intention was only to take the man out of the house. People in some regions are still using this phrase to get relief from the spirit.

A Bollywood movie named ‘Stree’ starring Rajkumar Rao and Shradhha Kapoor was released in 2018 and it was inspired by the ‘Naale Ba’ incident.

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