Kharibari Rajarhat- An Offbeat Tourist Place Near New Town, Kolkata

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Kharibari Rajarhat

Sometimes we want peace, sometimes aliveness, crowded city life & sometimes we feel like doing nothing. Suppose you want to be seated in a peaceful locality surrounded by a large waterbody from both sides and different bird species.

In that case, Kharibari Rajarhat is one of the options which is also known as an offbeat tourist destination near New Town.

How To Reach Kharibari Rajarhat?

By Private Vehicle: It would be a good idea to take your vehicle to reach the spot to witness the beauty of the lake.

To reach Kharibari, you need to follow the maps to reach Chinar Park & Rajarhat Main Road first, then it is a straight way to get to your destination. It is nearly 14 km away from Chinar Park or City Centre 2, Rajarhat.

By Bus: To reach Kharibari, you have to find and board bus number 211 WB from your nearest bus stop. This will take you to the spot. You can check the ‘Kharibari- Ahiritola’ written buses.

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What To Expect Before Planning The Kharibari Trip?

Kharibari is an offbeat tourist destination near Rajarhat, New Town. So, basically, you wouldn’t find that many facilities or special things to witness here. This place is famous for the lake view from both sides of the main road.

There are a lot of restaurants and tea, and coffee shops available adjacent to the viewsides. So, you can check out some delicious meals and good teas. I have tried tea from a local shop there, & it was delicious!

Best Time To Visit Kharibari Rajarhat:

It is always recommended to visit the place during the winter season. Because the heatwaves during the summer time would be a problem for you to take some breaths near the lakes. But you can also consider yourself to visit the place during monsoons. Avoid visiting the place at night time.

Pro Tips: If you have extra time left in your watch for traveling, you can stretch your journey ahead to explore another natural beauty place named ‘Kaipul’ near Barasat. Kaipul is an offbeat Lakeview tourist destination in Kolkata near Rajarhat, Newtown which is only 8 km away from Kharibari Lakeview Point.

Ashiq N, Signing Off For Now. Happy Travelling! Sayonara.

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