Biswa Bangla Gate- Let’s Explore The Hanging Restaurant Of Kolkata!

Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant, also known as the ‘Hanging Restaurant Of Kolkata’ is located in New Town, Kolkata. Several parts of New Town can be seen from the visitor’s gallery of Biswa Bangla Gate and the in-built restaurant, which is surrounded by glass, Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant stands 180 feet high, and inside the ring decorative paintings are drawn on the wall.

Biswa Bangla Gate is also known by the name ‘Kolkata Gate’. This hanging restaurant in Kolkata can board 100 visitors at once with a gap of 45 minutes in time.

History Behind The Construction Of Biswa Bangla Gate Hanging Restaurant:

In 2015, the design of this restaurant was published for the first time within the public circle. It was 6th March 2017 when the construction work of the ‘Kolkata Gate’ started. The expected budget for this restaurant was around 25 crores, which was sanctioned under the beautification project of New Town.

A globe-type structure was supposed to be there in the center of the Biswa Bangla Gate, but due to a mechanical fault and other supporting reasons, the plan was canceled by the authority. The restaurant was inaugurated on 2nd February 2019 and it was a memorable moment for the people of New Town, Kolkata as it enhances the main beauty of the New Town and is one of the most visited places in New Town, Kolkata.

How To Book Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant?

There are only online booking options are available to book Biswa Bangla Gate Hanging Restaurant. The best way to book the ‘Kolkata Gate’ hanging restaurant would be from the BookMyShow platform. Click here to book the restaurant directly from BookMyShow.

After booking, you will get your e-ticket with a QR code. You have to show your e-ticket to the offline counter situated in front of the gate ground and then they will provide a pass to enter the restaurant.

Timings Of Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant:

Each visitor has three visiting times slots at 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 5:00 PM, and each slot is for 45 minutes. The observatory is open daily between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM except on Mondays. For safety reasons, this hanging restaurant in Kolkata can accommodate 100 people at once at each slot.

For dinner, this restaurant is open from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and can seat 72 people at a time. If you plan to dine at the restaurant, you must make reservations early to ensure your seat availability. To pre-book the restaurant, you can visit BookMyShow.

Biswa Bangla Gate Hanging Restaurant Ticket Price:

The entry ticket price of Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant is Rs. 100/- for each visitor & free for children below the age of 3 years. You should be aware that the booking cannot be rescheduled once it is booked on BookMyShow.

Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant Menu:

There are a lot of food options available at the Fine-Dine Restaurant inside the hanging restaurant of Kolkata. Starting from soups and salads, Veg and non-veg Starters, Rice, Roti, Side Dish, Chinese Veg and non-veg, Pasta, Risotto, Spaghetti and so much delicious items available at the restaurant, New Town. 

For a detailed menu view with the price of Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant, please visit the Official Website now.

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How To Reach Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant Of New Town, Kolkata:

By Bus: If you are coming from another state, you should know that Biswa Bangla Gate is situated at the heart of the New Town locality, and after reaching Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, buses are available to the main city. You can book a bus ticket for the Narkelbagan Rajarhat bus stop to reach and visit Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant.

By Train: Howrah Railway Station is the nearest station to the Hanging Restaurant In Kolkata. After reaching the railway station, you can either opt for the bus to reach the Kolkata Gate or you can book a cab. It is nearly 16 km from the Howrah Railway Station. 

By Air: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is the nearest airport to the Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant. You can book a cab, or bus to reach New Town to explore the beauty of this hanging restaurant. It is nearly 12 km away from the Airport.

Pro Tips For Visiting Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant- Rules & Regulations!

  • You will be given a coupon before going to the top of the restaurant and it needs to be handed over to the cash counter to make payment during entry.
  • The toilet facility is not available at the top of the restaurant. However, you can use it on the ground premise..
  • Free Wi-Fi and Selfie Zone are available at the top.
  • Please be aware before visiting this restaurant, you will not be allowed to enter in Short Pants, Bermuda, or Three-Quarters. A formal dressing style should be followed strictly.
  • Visitors who violate the rules or act in an unwelcome manner may be required to disembark and exit by HIDCO without a refund and a penalty will be applied.
  • Guests cannot carry inflammable items or bags, cigarettes, water bottles, or any kind of food at the top of the Kolkata Gate Restaurant. Bags should be checked properly and kept at the baggage counter of the restaurant.
  • You can’t spit, litter, or smoke at the top. These things are strictly prohibited by the authorities.
  • If you want to have dinner at the top, it should be known that a minimum billing of INR 500+ taxes is applicable for dinner.
  • Guests shall not smoke or chew any type of Gutkha, Alcohol, or Chewing Gum in the Biswa Bangla Gate, and WBHIDCO and its authorized representatives reserve the right to have visitors come down from the top if they behave inappropriately.

The Bottom Line

Biswa Bangla Gate Hanging Restaurant is undoubtedly a great place in Kolkata to hang out and visit. This is the main attraction of the satellite city New Town. So, you should definitely pay a visit to this beautiful hanging restaurant in Kolkata. Happy Travelling!

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