Why Kolkata Is Famous And Called The City Of Joy?

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Kolkata is a city where culture still has its destination. The City Of Joy is still capable of holding the sparks of traditions and values. There are so many things here that have made this city a unique place to travel.

Let’s Check Out Some Great Things That Make Kolkata Famous And Called The City Of Joy:

01 The Most Iconic Durga Puja

Durga Puja is celebrated all over West Bengal & the capital city of Kolkata. This is one of the biggest festivals in the state and Kolkata is undoubtedly the most famous city for Durga Puja, the reason why Kolkata is famous. Suddenly the entire city becomes so much energy that you will find it like a dreamland on those days. You can find happiness everywhere, in every corner of this city. The pandals are decorated very nicely and the idol is adorned with flowers, clothes, jewelry, red vermillion, and different sweets bestowed in front of Goddess Durga. This festival highlights mostly the tradition, uniqueness, and unity of every single person around the city.

The Durga Puja is celebrated every year between September and October for five days. If anyone ever plans to witness the heritage then this timeline would be the best to travel the city. The vibes of this festival make the city, of Kolkata an unparalleled place for sure.

02 A Destination City For Book Lovers

In this age of cell phones and social media, everyone runs behind screens rather than books. The flow of reading books keeps decreasing day by day due to modernization but there are still enough peoples around the world who are capable of holding the tradition of book reading going on. Kolkata is the biggest platform for book fairs, not only in India but also In Asia. The International Kolkata Book Fair is the World’s largest non-trade book fair, Asia’s largest, and the most presented in the world with millions of visitors. There are different places too that organize Book Fair for the general public and book lovers can enjoy the journey of knowledge and wisdom. This type of environment can never imagine anywhere in India than Kolkata. This city is bounded by so much of things that one simply can’t ignore its vibes in short words. Kolkata is surely a city of joy, no doubt!

The Book Fair is organized between January To March during the winter season at places like Salt Lake, New Town, and other places. Books with some chills can surely make the book lover’s mood on high with joy.

03 Trams Of Kolkata

Kolkata city was the first to get the electric tram in 1902. The trams are over 100 years old heritage properties which are only existing in Kolkata. This is the only city in entire Asia that has this historical transport system. Trams service was become very popular among the daily riders at that time due to its economical ride. Nowadays it is also preferred for environment friendly, pollution less transport and the joy ride too. Kolkata is also a famous city among travelers interested in historical things.

Most people who travel to explore Kolkata must try this heritage ride for sure. One can easily feel the vibes of history with a joy ride. Currently, there are seven places where trams are running. The current tram depots are Khidirpur, Kalighat, Tollygunge, Gariahat, Belgachhia, Rajabazar & Park Circus. If anyone ever plans to travel to the city, they can surely witness the historical heritage of Kolkata.

04 Festivals On The Go

There is no doubt why Kolkata is called the city of joy. Life in Kolkata is full of joy and thrill because of festivals throughout the year. There is a true line in Bengali ‘ Baaro Maash E Tero Parbon’ which means “Thirteen Festivals In Twelve Months”. But if you search at the calendar you will find more than the said numbers. The most popular festivals from the lists are “Saraswati Puja”, “Bengali New Year”, “Jamai Shosthi”, “Poush Sankranti”, and “Lakshmi Puja”, “Kali Puja” & Of course the grandest “Durga Puja”. The Life of people in Kolkata is truly alive and delightful.

The Bottom Line

This city makes us realize how to be steady with our own cultures with the flow of modernization. There is so much side of talk that remains untold about the City Of Joy, that it would be almost impossible to discuss in a single article. Every city has its pros & cons, but this is also true that each city has a different unique vibe in so many ways.

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